Alpha Pro-Shot XD Laser Level With Storm Receiver



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Product Description

Simply mount the laser onto a heavy duty tripod, turn it on, and the Alpha XD automatically levels by itself. Built by Laser Reference in the USA, the Alpha XD features electronic self-levelling with high accuracy and manual grade. No other horizontal building & contracting laser level offers so much value and quality for so little.

The Pro Shot Alpha XD also features a manual grade slope matching feature with up and down arrows. This allows the user to roughly align the laser for basic single grade slope and drainage work. Whilst in manual slope mode, the cross axis self-levelling feature of the Alpha XD keeps the second X axis level at all times.

Features :
– High accuracy
– Electronic horizontal self-levelling
– Elevation height alert turns the laser off if bumped, knocked or disturbed
– Manual grade override for slope matching
– Cross axis self-levelling when laser is used in the
  manual grade slope mode
– High speed, 1200RPM rotation for precision machine control
±1mm per 30 metres
Wire-hung Compensator
920m diameter
1000m diameter
1000m+ diameter
115 hours
65 hours
4 x C Size Batteries
600, 1200 RPM
Laser, Carry Case, Manual, Alkaline Batteries, Australian Calibration Certificate
5 Years
Class 3R

Storm Receiver

The Apache Storm Laserometer Receiver features a digital readout of elevation which provides a numeric display of ± 0.5 mm. Accurate measurements can be made without moving the rod clamp, saving time and increasing productivity.

The 127 mm reception height allows quick acquisition of the laser beam. Built-to-laser with waterproof IP67 standards, the Apache Storm Laserometer eliminates downtime due to moisture, bad weather or dust conditions. Furthermore, the protective over-moulding allows it to withstand a drop of 3m onto concrete.


  • Numeric display of ± 0.5 mm
  • 127 mm reception height
  • 1P67 waterproof rating
  • Patented anti-strobe sensor provents construction lights from giving faulty signals
  • Highly visible, multi-colour LEDs indicating grade level
  • Patented universal reversible clamp fits square and oval rods


Working radius 1 m – 300 m
Laser Detector height 127 mm
Numeric readout height 102 mm
           Ultra-fine 0.5 mm
           Super-fine 1.0 mm
           Fine 2.0 mm
           Medium 5.0 mm
           Coarse 10.0 mm
           Calibration 0.1 mm
Beeper volumes
           Loud 110 dBa
        Medium 95 dba
           Low 65 dBA
Power supply 2 x 1.5 Volt “AA” batteries
Battery life 60+ hrs.
Environmental Waterproof, Dustproof to IP67