Astor DT-10 Digital Theodolite



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Product Description

The new Astor DT-10 is an affordable Digital Theodolite which is ideal for building set out and general construction tasks.

Features include: 
•   Solid design
•   Ruggedized battery pack
•   Laser plummet for easy positioning
•   Absolute encoders for quick setup/precise angle readings
•   One second resolution on angle reading
•   Rechargeable Lithium battery or 3 x AA alkaline battery
•   Up to ≥30 hours continuous working time
•   Weighs 4.8kg
•   Dimensions 160×175×340mm

Recommended for: Site set-out

Suitable for: Site preparation, concreting, drainage


Display:  Double LCD

Working Temperature:-20 ~ +50


Length of telescope: 156mm

Image: Erect

Magnification: 30X

Objective aperture: 45mm

Field of view: 1°30

Minimum focus: 1.35m

Stadia ratio: 100

Stadia constant: 0

Resolving power: 3.5”

Angle Measurement System

Angle measuring method: Absolute code

Minimum reading: 1”or 5”

Detection system: Horizontal: Single side ; Vertical: Single side

Angle measuring accuracy: 10”

Laser Plummet

Power of laser diode: 1mw

Diameter of laser diode dot: ≤2mm

Accuracy of laser diode: 1.0mm

Bubble Level

Accuracy of plate bubble: 30”/ 2mm

Accuracy of circular bubble: 8’/ 2mm