Easy to operate with a full colour touchscreen, this unit can display 2 trips simultaneously.


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Product Description

Additional Information – HMGT3000

Easy to operate with a full colour touchscreen, this unit can display 2 trips simultaneously.

Ideally suited for councils and rally drivers.

Powerful Performance

The Active GPS Trip requires no costly installation; simply plug into your power socket and start measuring.

The GPS trip meter updates three-dimensional distance measurements ten times a second.

The full colour touchscreen allows for easy operation of the trip functions. Simply press the up down arrow next to each trip to change direction or press the run button to pause a trip. A full numerical keypad allows for quick update of start distances.

The trip meter is fully customisable via the integrated menu allowing for function such as pause to be tailored to the users particular application.

An external reset switch is provided and can be configured to reset a trip or pause with a press and hold then activating a reset.

Current and average speed are displayed and an over-speed alert can be configured to activate the internal buzzer. The internal buzzer can also be configured to beep when the trips are in count down mode such as when the vehicle is reversing.

The unit is multi voltage and can work in 12V and 24V vehicles.


Input Voltage 5-36V
Power consumption 1.4W; 120mA at 12V

Colour screen size

Power and reset switch cable length

Antenna cable length

130mm (width) x 94mm (height) x 21mm (depth)

4.3″ diagonal with touchscreen



GPS Receiver GPS, GLONASS, Gallileo and BeiDou, 72 chan
Position accuracy 2.5m CEP
Distance resolution 1m
Distance update rate 10Hz
Minimum speed 2km/h
Satellite acquisition time 30 seconds
Operating temperature -40 to 85 degrees