EOFY SPECIAL Topcon RL-SV1S Single Grade Laser + Machine Receiver LS-B110 + Elevating Telescopic Tripod



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Product Description


Topcon RL-SV1S Single Grade Laser + Machine Receiver LS-B110 + Elevating Telescopic Tripod

PNO: 313990776

Single Slope Construction Laser

Long-range operation (800 m)

For single slope applications

Up to 120 hours battery life

Tough IP66 construction rating

Included remote control

Single Slope Applications

Designed for a variety of tasks, it can be used for single slope applications, Slopes up to +/- 5% can be used in the X axis.

High Powered

With an operating range of over 800 m (diameter), the RL-SV1S has the power to cover even the biggest projects.

Long Battery Life

Contractors who want a laser with a long battery life will love the RL-SV1S. With an operating time of 120 hours on alkaline batteries or 65 hours with the rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack, this laser will still be working long after others have quit.

All Weather Dependability

With the IP66 rating, the RL-SV1S is job site tough and can withstand dust, a sudden shower and even torrential rainfall.

Kit Components

RL-SV1S Laser

RC-50 Remote Control

LS-100D  Sensor

Sensor Holder


Carry Case

Five Year Guarantee

The RL-SV1S laser comes with a Five Year Guarantee. Topcon is backing up this reliable, accurate laser with the best factory warranty in the industry.

Accuracy                             H: +/- 10 Arc seconds

Self-Leveling Range         Horizontal +/- 5 deg

Grade                                  Single, +/- 5%

Working Area                    800 m (diameter)

Rotation Speed                 300, 600 rpm

Dust/Water rating           IP66

Operating Temp              -20 degC to 50 degC

Operating Time                Alkaline: 120 hours / Ni-MH: 65 hours

+ Topcon’s LS-B100 Machine Receiver

Additional Information – LSB Receivers

Automatic, hydraulic-compatible machine mounted laser receiver

Topcon’s LS-B100 series comprise advanced technology, value-priced laser receivers for dozers, scrapers, excavators, backhoes, and drag-boxes.

All LS-B100 receivers feature simple, secure mechanical mounting, 360 degree beam detection, adjustable on-grade accuracy, alkaline or rechargeable battery operation, water and dustproof case iron construction and bright, multi-colour LED displays.

Recommended for: 2D earthmoving applications

Suitable for: Site preparation, drainage


  • Large working range
  • 360 degree detection
  • Rugged, waterproof design
  • Indicate or automatic control
  • Wireless & Can compatible (W model)
  • Plumb / tilt indication
  • On-grade matching
  • Universal pole clamp

+ Elevating Telescopic Tripod MYX217425 (KEL300)

This tripod is a standard heavy duty survey tripod with an elevator column built in. Just set the tripod up, put on the instrument and crank the tripod up or down to match an existing datum. Suitable for all measuring instruments.

Standard screw clamp locking mechanism
  • Flat Head
  • Shoulder Carry Strap
  • Chains to prevent legs from sliding
  • Built in level bubble
  • Max height 3m
  • Collasped height 1.26m
  • Adjustable range of column – 130cm
  • Weight 6.8kg

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